The H’Mong or the Mong Ethnic Group

Written by Asia Pacific Travel Team
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The Mong is the largest ethnic group of seventeen ethnics community in Dong Van karst plateau Geopark. Mong people in Ha Giang province is similar to that in some northen mountainous border Viet Nam -China originated from China, then migrated to Vietnam more than 300 years ago.

They mainly concentrate  in the mountainous provinces, including Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, etc. Mong in Ha Giang account for 32 percent total population of province, comprises two main sub-groups: White Mong and Flower Mong.

The Mong people are  famous for traditional farming milpa, planting rice,  maize and other crops.  Handicraft productions of Mong ethnic minority achieved high levels of skillfulness such as weaving, knitting, forging and casting, making wooden furnitures.
The H’Mong house is made from earth with three compartments, the middle one is reserved as the altar for ancestor cult. The main and extra doors are opened inward. Traditional clothing of the Mong women are very unique. A suit of women clothes consists of a skirt, a blouse, a shirt parcelled at the breast couple with a brassiere, a belt, leggings, and a turban winded around the head. The skirt is usually in the form of a truncated cone with a series of creases which can spread widely. Sometime the skirt is in the form of a tube dress with creases at the two haunches. Decorative patterns on the dress are butterflies, snakes, flower, harrow teeth, eyes of birds, pig feet with the harmony of colour.

The wealth of traditional culture of the Mong people are quite abundant with customs, habits, ceremonies and rites, religion and beliefs. The Hmong families have different ways of ancestor cult. Some principal worships are “ door ghost worship”, “ great mother ghost worship” with different number and content of worship, arrangement, eating and drinking place. the literature and art of the Mong shows their community psychology and awareness, and other issues about nature, society and history. Prominent things are love songs using pan-pipe, flute, leaf-horn, lip-horn. They all are invaluable assets of the Mong community which have been conserved and inherited generations by generations.

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