The Crop-praying festival of Dao ethnic minority Ha Giang Vietnam

Written by Asia Pacific Travel Team
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Takes place annually in January mouse day of the lunar calender, beginning a new year with good weather, lush green harvest. This is a nice traditional culture of Dao people. It is not much sophisticated, but has many deeply spiritual elements of the ethnic communities.

Before the festival, Dao people usually prepare an altar. Altar column is made of four timbers, surrounded with bamboo. Inside the alter are three big round tubes, used as Joss-stick bowl symbolizing sky, land and people. there are some votive money paper in the censers. Space under of the alter is a bundle of sugar -cane to wish for sweet things.

At the festival, four youths wearing good- clothes carry offering on their head to selected position from 4 different sides. Offering are boiled chicken, sticky cake, sweet cake and votive money paper. The offering tray must have male and female, so necessity has both cock and hen. the sorcerer read aloud prayer for good weather, lush harvests, children’s successful study, and happiness.

At the end of the ceremory, the people together take part in festival activities with folk game such as, tug of war, pushing stick, throwing con. Especially, throwing con game. Dao people concept that if someone successfully throws at the first round they shall have many good luck.

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