Lung Phin Khau Vai Dong Van Meo Vac Xa Phin Markets Ha Giang Vietnam

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One unique and indispensable cultural feature in Dong Van karst plateau Geopark is the kermis. It not only is the place to exchange goods and service consumption demand, but more importantly, it is clearly expresses the cultural identity of ethnics community in the Geopark, where is the interation of the people here. They are not necessary go to the market to buy or sell a commodity that they simply go to the fair with need to meet, exchange, give each other a smile, drink together a few cup of wine gathered around Thang Co pans, typical dishes of the ethnic groups in the rocky highland.

Ha Giang often have “back markets”, mainly in communes, because the kermis alternately meets back in term of weekdays. For example, this week meets on Sunday, next week will meet on Saturday, next week will meet on Friday, Thursday, etc.

Dong Van central market takes place every Sunday, Xa Phin market opens every “snake” and “pig’ days; Pho Bang market opens every “horse” and “mouse” days of lunar calender; Lung Phin market opens every “tiger” and “monkey” days of lunar calendar; Meo Vac market opens every Sunday; Sung Tra opens every Saturday; Khau Vai market opens monthly in the 2nd, 7th, 12nd, 17th, 22nd, 27th of lunar calendar.

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