Khau Vai Market

Written by Asia Pacific Travel Team
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The Khau Vai love market, in Ha Giang province, takes place only once a year when the moon completely disappears for the last time in March. According to legend, the market dates back to the unrequited love between a young boy and girl. They fell deeply in love but as they were from different tribes, were forbidden to be together.

A bitter quarrel erupted between the two families and the couple were forced to end the affair. Unable to bear the thought of never seeing each other again, they decided to meet on the same day every year in Khau Vai. Today, the site of the forbidden rendezvous is home to the love market.


The market is not just for a hopeful marriage. It is also the social event of the year, where old friends meet up and new ones are made. No matter their age, everyone looks forward to the chance to chat over sticky rice, grilled cassava or rice dumplings. The celebrations begin the evening before, with a night of song and dance and performances expressing fervent wishes for eternal love; romantic melodies fill the night air.

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