Forest God Worship ceremony of Pu Peo ethnic minority

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This ceremony started for along time ago. It has been survived and developed together with Pu Peo generations. The forest God worship is a cultural activity, folk belief associated with the multi – God philosophical life of agriculture residents such as, Spring God, River Lord, Mountain God, Forest Lord, Tree God, etc. Creating its own cultural nuances in community life. The festival not only is deeply spiritual values but also confirms the role and position of comminity in nature.

Pu Peo people in Ha Giang has still preserved many community rituals and a treasure of rich folklore. Together with other ceremony held in the New Year days, forest god worship ceremony wishing for green mountain, security and good health for the people. This is considered as an indispensable agricultural ritual. Thanks to this ritual, forests under the region of Pu Peo lives are often protected very well, especially sacred forest. In fact, the protection of forest for farming and timber are transmitted to proceed generation by generation.

The ceremony takes place in the forbidden forest – the sacred forest, a sorcerer on behalf of the people honorifically faces down in a big trunk, then kowtow twices, each three times to look forward to protected of forest God, water God. Pu Peo people always understand that holding forest is holding the source of water; therefore, paying water God is also paying forest God. That is the reason why the youth in Pu Peo village (girls and boys) always go to Streams to carry water to home for wishing good lucks on New Year days.

During a day, with jubilant and solidarity atmosphere, the ceremony is seriously carried out by Pu Peo ethnic to ensure basic requirements of customary tradition. Next, the people together take part in festival activities with the content of such as, pushing stick, tug of war, playing “ao”, jumping toad, etc. Besides, they organized the dance – song program with singing folk, singing giao duyen , singing retort , etc.

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