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Phja Den's information

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Being 240km away Ha Noi with the total area of 24,631 hectares, Phja Den area is consisting of Thanh Cong, Phan Thanh, Quang Thanh communes, Tinh Tuc Townlet of Nguyen Binh District.

Characteristics: Phja Den is about 1500 - 2000m above the sea level. The diversification and richness of animals and plants with many rare species are good attraction to foreign tourists.

Being a riverhead of rives, Phja Den, which is situated in exchanging area with many traffic lines, has high mountainous terrain, caves, remaining big area of primitive forest. Unexploited potentials of special ecological area are Phja Den's advantages for the development of tourism. It has cool climate throughout the year like that of Sa Pa and Tam Dao.

The ecological system has highly diversified biology with rare and precious animals and vegetables such as multiflorous knootweed, false ginseng, black chics, tropical fruits and vegetables, insects for scientific researches. The diversified flora covers with many precious and rare kinds, is a favorable condition for the development of many types of tourism such as ecological tourism, cultural tourism...

In Phja Den, some well-known vacation sites of Frech are preserved such as the weekend villa of French (Tai Song), the Red house compound (Tatsloom).

Coming hear, tourists also have chance to learn about Dao ethnic group. They have house architecture and distinct profession.

Visiting Phja Den, visitors can admire the superb and primitive beauty of this mountainous area.

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