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Ban Gioc Waterfall

Written by  CaoBangTravel.com Asia Pacific Travel Team
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Location: It is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, 89km north of Cao Bang Town.

Characteristics: Ban Gioc waterfall is invaluable gift granted to Cao Bang by the nature. It is regarded as the most beautiful waterfall of Vietnam.

The waterfall originates from Quay Son River. On the Viet Nam side, the river has a picturesque scenery, fresh environment with grass cover, evergreen forest, bobbing white clouds mingling with the peaceful atmosphere of villages of mountainous ethnic minorities. On the other side is the neighboring country of China.

With a height of 53m and a width of 300m, the waterfall is divided into 3 layers consisting of small and large upper flows. Large water blocks fall into limestone steps, making a curtain of white sprays. From the distance, visitors can hear the roaring of waterfall echoing through a large area.

Rising from middle of the waterfall is a large water mound covered with trees, splitting the river into three spouts that look lie three white silk strips. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river that is calm as glass surrounded by many precious flowers. On hot summer days, it is still cool here. Every early morning, the sun shines through steam creating a sparkling rainbow.

Ban Gioc waterfall has gone into the plastic arts through excellent works of painting and photography. As a companion of the mountains, rivers and absorbing grottoes around it such as Nguom Ngao, Ban Gioc waterfall is and appealing site for tourists.

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