Cao Bang Map

Cao Bang town - the economic, political, and cultural center of province, is 286 kilometers away from Ha Noi capital. Cao Bang town is considered as an oasis surrounded by rivers, mountain ranges. From the provincial War Memorial, visitors can enjoy the best panoramic view of the whole town. The town especially wears a more graceful and romantic look by night. Bang Giang River is winding together with superb mountains surrounding the town, looming through sparkling light.

  • Area: 44.04
  • Population: 43,066
  • Agricultural land: 1,078 hectares
  • Forestry land: 2,640 hectares

Cao Bang town consists of 4 precincts named Hop Giang, Tan Giang, Song Bang, Song Hien and 3 communes named Hoa Chung, Ngoc Xuan, Duyet Chung.