La citadel de Phuc Hoa - Cao Bang

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Situé sur l'autoroute No3 national de Cao Bang ville de Ta Lung porte frontière, Phuc Hoa citadelle est à 20 kilomètres de la ville, dans le nord du district de Phuc Hoa. Il a la forme carrée de 400 mètres de hauteur de chaque côté. Il comprend deux tours qui sont à 80 mètres les uns des autres. A l'intérieur de la citadelle, il ya le marché, le temple et les champs appartenant au temple. Asia Pacific Travel Team Asia Pacific Travel Team is a Hanoi, Vietnam based tour operator for those with a yearning for discovery, adventure, and fun. We specialize in small group cultural travel and wilderness adventures in north Vietnam and especially in HaGiang province area. Our standard or tailored programs will allow you to meet the local people of these exotic lands. With an excellent staff and our personal service, you will have lots of fun on a quality holiday that you will never forget. We have served thousands of tourists from all over the world to visit Vietnam and neighboring countries for more than 10 years .Most of them are individual - small group tourists.Somes are student groups from German, Uk and France ...on cross cultural trips to hill tribe villages in HaGiang. We look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam !

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