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Quang Uyen

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Quang Uyen is a district  of Cao Bang province , Vietnam.

Quang Uyen located in the northeastern part of Cao Bang province , 37km from Cao Bang town on the route 3. It has  boders with Ha Lang in the east,with Hoa An ,Tra Linh in the west,with Phuc Hoa in the south and with Trung Khanh,Tra linh in the north.

Quang Uyen covers an area of 250.1 square kilometres and its population is  42 874people.

It  has 17 administrative units including 1 Quang Uyen town and 16 communes (Binh Lang, Cai Bo, Chi Thao, Doai Khon,Doc Lap, Hong Dinh, Hanh Phuc, Hong Quang, Hoang Hai, Phuc Sen, Phi Hai,Quoc Phong, Quang Hung, Quoc Dan,Tu Do,Ngoc Dong)

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