Ha Lang
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Ha Lang is a district in Cao Bang province, Vietnam. Geographic: The northest and the south of Ha Lang  is the border with China, the north west is near Trung Khanh, the south west is near Quang Uyen and Phuc Hoa. Area, population, traffic: • Area: ​​463 km2 • Population: 26,000 people (2004). • Location: Thanh Nhat town…
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Its old name was Sung Khanh, which is situated in Huyen Ru village, Thanh Nhat commune, Ha Lang district. The pagoda was built in the middle of XIII century, worshipping tutelary God of the village, Goddess of the mercy, Vi Do fellow, God of the Soil. Sung Phuc means adoring happiness and virtue, good deeds. Being the address…