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Getting there and away

Written by  CaoBangTravel.com Asia Pacific Travel Team
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Cao Bang is 272 Km from Ha Noi, the road from Ha Noi to Cao Bang is Road No. 3 which is in excellent conditions as of this writing. Or you can reach CaoBang by road no 1 from Hanoi via LangSon  to the area in the east of Caobang.

CaoBang,  the wonderful natural beauty, superb mountainous landscape with well-known historical relics and profound, diversified cultural activities representing typical characters of nine ethnic groups (Tay, Nung, Dao, Mong, Kinh, Hoa, San Chi…) has made Cao Bang become an attractive tourism destination and a rendezvous place for visitors. Long time ago, Cao Bang has been famous for the poem:

Cao Bang is the land of revolution traditions and famous for cultural - historical monuments through glorious struggle stages of Viet Nam such as Pac Bo cave, Lenin river, Khuoi Nam. Pac Bo is the place where Uncle Ho placed his first footmarks after 20 years oversea to lead our revolution for national independence in the beginning of the 40s. Among 224 historical relics and tourism destinations in the area of the province, 23 relics have been awarded national ones and 6 relics are local ones. The journey coming back to the original land of revolution would remind in memory and soul of every Vietnamese of a well-known highlands. Referring Cao Bang means referring place-names of glorious historical periods such as Tran Hung Dao forest relic, Dong Khe military post, Lam Son, etc... that are inspiration for poem, painting, music…

Coming to Cao Bang, visitors can enjoy picturesque nature with Ban Gioc waterfall, Thang Hen lake, Khuoi Lai lake, primitive caves (Nguom Ngao, Nguom Sap…) that are considered as the most beautiful caves in South East Asia .
Cao Bang people are heartfelt, openhearted, friendly and very hospitable.

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